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Traditional Art and Modern Clothes


This article transedits from an academic paper writen by Nana Zhong and Zhenghan Chen , The Integration of Chinese traditional paper cutting art and modern clothing design(中国传统剪纸艺术与现代服饰设计的融合·钟娜娜,陈政涵)

Paper-cutting Art

Chinese traditional paper-cut is a traditional art in Chinese culture. Like other traditional crafts, paper-cut contains unique artistic charm, which is the inheritance of Oriental culture and art.

The leaves and flowers of various shapes, the sparkling and crystal-clear snowflakes and the scenery of mountains and rivers all provide people with a lot of inspirations and creative materials, and promote people's thinking of paper-cut plastic art. 

According to records, from 1600 to 1100 BC, some people cut patterns and carved flowers on leaves. In the early Western Han Dynasty, there was paper for writing and painting. With the development of the times, people began to use gold and silver foil, silk, leather as the carrier of paper-cutting, and made them into decorations by all kinds of techniques such as carving, picking, cutting . 

Chinese traditional paper-cutting is the most representative art style, is the foundation and essence of folk art, has a profound cultural heritage.Influenced by politics and religion, traditional Chinese paper cutting has formed its own unique space for artistic development. It inherits the artistic characteristics and local spirit of the Chinese nation and embodies the most essential aesthetic characteristics and spiritual realm of art.

As a traditional art, paper-cutting combines modern design concepts and expression techniques, with rich elements and diverse forms.The extensive application of traditional Chinese paper-cut embodies the cultural characteristics of the Chinese nation and plays a promoting role in the development of various modern design arts. 

With the increasingly close communication and contact between China and the world, the traditional festivals and traditional culture of the Chinese nation have gone out of the country to the world. At the same time, many designers also take Chinese traditional culture as inspiration and integrate it into fashion design. Paper-cutting art is one of them.

Hollowed-out texture technique applied into modern costume design

As a hollowed out art, paper cutting emphasizes the relationship between entity and retention, subject and lining, foreground and background in its modeling. It is a plane art based on two-dimensional space.

Many fashion designers at home and abroad use the modeling elements of traditional Chinese paper-cutting to seek new breakthroughs in fashion design and design out unique works. The carrier of paper-cut is replaced by clothing, and some elements of paper-cut are applied to clothing design, which brings unique artistic effect to clothing design.

Valentino's special show in Shanghai

At Valentino's special show in Shanghai, designers Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo gave full play to the pure red color and cut out the carved and hollowed out fabric on the dress. Red is the color of Valentino, which is closely related to Chinese traditional culture. The design that redefines tradition and gives a sense of modernity shows the cultural compatibility and collision between elements created by art and generates new sparks.

Yiqing Yin's dress in autumn and winter 2012

Yiqing Yin's red hollowed out one-piece dress in autumn and winter 2012 can also arouse people's memory of paper cutting. With the same visual effect, Giles also incorporates hollowed-out design into the red dress. You can feel the designer's homage to the traditional culture, and you can also feel that the salute is compatible with the inheritance at the same time.

Innovative inspirations from Paper-cutting Art

Speaking of the artistic inspiration of "paper-cutting", ThreeasFour designed a series of works inspired by it in autumn and winter 2013, and explored the 13 stars of the zodiac in astrology. 

The most controversial Ophiuchus is added by integrating the asymmetric design concept with the Chinese paper-cutting art. The model's pale black green lip color and the erect collar look like a poisonous snake launching an attack.

Craig green spring / summer 2020 series introduces the concept of "mirror" into the design. The designer explains: "the reason why the concept of mirror is used is that the mirror is full of various possibilities. You can see yourself and the world from different angles. All things do not necessarily come from the same place, and everything is multifaceted.". In the current fashion trend and street fashion, unique designers want to integrate the culture into their designs to reflect the rich cultural heritage of clothing, but also to show its versatility. 

Craig Green incorporated paper cutting into his design, looking for the fusion of tradition and modernity among ribbons, hollows and ropes. Skin is like a membrane that protects us from the pain brought by natural invasion. Craig green started his meditation on skin, enabling more people to start to imagine the superposition of naked patterns and human body from another perspective, such as a beautiful picture made again, and calling again to explore the theme of physical nature of the body and human complexity.

Henrik Vibskov also used the paper-cutting elements to develop his imagination in the autumn and winter of 2014. He designed and transformed the fabric so that the flat fabric became more three-dimensional and the two-dimensional design idea was lengthways expanded.

The increase of national identity of clothing can be given by our traditional arts,such as paper-cutting, and the national identity of costume is conducive to the inheritance and development of cultural heritage and provides new inspiration for the development of costume design. In short, whether any kind of art can grow and develop depends on whether it can absorb new nutrients, adapt to the development of the times and constantly dig out new potentials. Therefore it’s our duty to not only remain the essence of traditional culture, but also adapt to the changes of the times.


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